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Spinning Out Cast Sarah Wright: 7 Facts Surrounding Her Career, Net Worth, Husband & Marriage

Dahlia Published On Mon Mar 16 2020   Modified On Thu Mar 19 2020
Spinning Out Cast Sarah Wright: 7 Facts Surrounding Her Career, Net Worth, Husband & Marriage

American actress Sarah Wright Olsen has appeared in a multitude of television series and movies. 

Along with this, she has also appeared in the series Parks and Recreation. Here we will learn seven facts of the actress.

7. Owns a Skincare Company

Sarah Wright, in collaboration with actress Anna Schafer, launched an organic skincare line called Bare Essential Organics. The skincare company offers a wide range of products as body wash, shampoo, face balm, and a moisturizer. 

Sarah Wright Olsen
Sarah Wright Olsen at the 2019 Baby2Baby Gala. Source: BFA

According to Green and Simple, the company's products are usable for people of all ages. More importantly, Wright came up with the idea of launching the products while she was pregnant with her son, stating, 

"I was going through all my products and discovering that ingredients actually penetrate the skin and go into our bodies and affect us on a different level – I had never thought about it before. At the time there were organic products on the market but they didn’t have a nice smell or they didn’t work and there certainly wasn’t an entire range that I loved that actually worked and smelled amazing."

6. Many People Follow her on Instagram

The 36-years old actress is quite active on Instagram. She currently has 183k followers on her Instagram account. Her Instagram handle is @swrightolsen. 

5. Played as Vicki in Malcolm in the Middle

Sarah Wright appeared as the love interest of the main protagonist in the much-loved show Malcolm in the Middle. The show had received significant success, winning prestigious awards as Grammy and Emmy. 

Sarah Wright Olsen
Sarah Wright Olsen at the 2018 Baby2Baby Gal. Source: Pinterest

Sarah was seen in the episode Secret Boyfriend of season seven. The main character of the show, Malcolm, falls in love with Vicki, Sarah's character. However, Wright has only appeared in one episode of the show.

4. Worked With Tom Cruise in American Made

The 36-years old actress loved bossing around Tom Cruise as Lucy Seal in the action crime film American Made. Wright plays as the wife of Cruise, who keeps getting dragged in her husband's illegal business. Wright calls the day she got the role of Lucy's moment of my life'. 

Having the opportunity to play a strong female character in the movie is something that prompted her to accept the role. Furthermore, growing up in the south, Wright felt the need to portray the role that would embody 'southern woman quality' and "to be able to boss Tom Cruise around and to sort of push him and drive some of those scenes" made her enjoy every aspect of the role. 

3. Net Worth of Sarah Wright Olsen

Wright made her television series debut with the series Quintuplets, appearing as series regular from 2004 to 2005. She also co-starred in the series The Loop. The same year she also appeared in the movie All You've Got. 

Moreover, Sarah Wright is also a former model and has been represented by a well-known modeling agency as Ford Models. In addition to this, the 36-years old actress appeared in notable television series as Mad Love, Parks, and Recreation, Marry Me, How I Met Your Mother, has all helped Sarah Wright Olsen is amassing the net worth of $6 million

2. Has Two Children with Husband Eric Christian Olsen

While appearing in the talk show The Talk, back in 2011, Sarah Wright gave the news of her engagement with actor Eric Christian Olsen. On June 23, 2012, Eric and Sarah tied the knot with the marriage ceremony held near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

Sarah Wright Olsen and  Eric Christian Olsen
Sarah Wright with her husband, Eric Christian Olsen. Source: Country Living Magazine

A year later, in August 2013, the couple welcomed their first child, Wyatt Oliver Olsen. Eric and Sarah appeared in an episode of television series House Hunters on 2015, where both were seen purchasing a vacation home near Jackson Hole. On August 2016, Sarah gave birth to a daughter, Esme Olivia Olsen. 

Sarah Wright's first marriage was with A. J. Mason in 2005; however, the marriage ended after a year as the couple divorced in 2006. 

1. Appeared as Series Regular in Spinning Out

Sarah Wright played as Mandy Davis in the Netflix's television series Spinning Out. 

Wright is seen as the second wife of David James Elliott and stepmother of Evan Roderick

The show also features talented actors as Skin's fame Kaya Scodelario along with Willow Shields, Will Kemp, Anna Baryshnikov, January Jones, Johnny Weir in prominent roles.