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Svetlana Efremova is Doing Well In her Career & Is Already Married: 7 Facts About The Spinning Out Cast

Shrijan Published On Thu Mar 19 2020   Modified On Thu Mar 19 2020
Svetlana Efremova is Doing Well In her Career & Is Already Married: 7 Facts About The Spinning Out Cast

Svetlana Efremova is a Russian actress who was a trained hand at theatre performance before turning her talents to performing in front of the camera.

She gained further acclaim as an on-screen actress and of her many high-profile roles, the most famous ones are her roles in West Wing, The Americans, and recently, the Netflix drama series, Spinning Out.   

Here are seven facts about Svetlana Efremova: 

7. Part of the Main Cast of Spinning Out

Efremova shared the screen with the likes of Kaya Scodelario, Willow Shields, Evan Roderick, David James Elliott, and January Jones, among others in the Netflix drama series, Spinning Out.

The doomed series would be canceled after one season, but Efremova, who played the coach Dasha Fedorova, proved her acumen and remains an enduring part of the experience.      

6. Married to Patrick Reed

Efremova has been married to Patrick Reed. They got married secretly unbeknownst to the media and they seldom spare the public a glance into their private lives.

Svetlana with her husband, Patrick, and their two children
Svetlana with her husband, Patrick, and their two children

They have two children together, a son named Joseph Reed and a daughter named Veronica Reed.  

5. Graduate of Yale School of Drama   

As an adult, Efremova knew exactly where her passions lay. She knew she wanted to become a performer and thus pursued a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree in Acting from St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Upon her move to the USA, she enrolled in the Yale School of drama,  from where she got her Master in Fine Arts in Acting degree.   

Her valuable insights on acting have also been paramount in training a new generation of prospective artists. She oversees the Theatre Department of California State University, Fullerton, as the Head of the Acting Program at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. 

She is also a tenured Master Acting Teacher having taught in such institutions as Harvard University, Muskingum College, and the University of Rio Grande. 

She also lent her insights into acting workshops in academies like Miami University, Oswego University, Bowling Green State University, and Bennington College.  

4. She is an Accomplished Theatre Performer

Besides being a highly accomplished drama student, Svetlana is an even more prodigious theatre performer. She started working when she was still studying; as part of the St. Petersburg State Theatre, she traveled the world and was the lead on more than 20 plays. 

She has also been an honorary member of such regional companies as Yale Repertory Theatre and South Coast Repertory Theatre. She has also performed on Broadway in the acclaimed Anton Chekhov play Dyadya Vanya

3. Appeared in an episode of West Wing

When Efremova made the lateral jump from the stage to on-screen acting, her talents were realized by the wider audience, perhaps none more so than in the political-drama series West Wing.    

She played the Russian journalist Ludmila Koss in a 2002 episode titled "Enemies Foreign and Domestic". 

2. Recurring Appearance in The Americans

Her stint in West Wing was invaluable in her landing a recurring role in the espionage-thriller series, The Americans.

Svetlana in The Americans
Svetlana in The Americans
Source: The New Yorker

She plays the American defector, Zinaida Preobrazhenskaya, who, as the plot unfolds, turns out to be a spy. She appeared in six episodes in 2015 during the show's third-season run.  

1. Estimated Net Worth of $500k  

As of March 2020, Svetlana Efremova is estimated to be worth $500k. She is a highly accomplished stage and on-screen actress who has 47 on-screen credits and more than 50 theatre credits.

Her most recognizable TV roles came in the TV series West Wing, The Americans, Strong Medicine, ER, Curb Your Enthusiasm, House of Cards, and Monk.  

Her movie credits also include White Oleander, Harvest Time, The Island, and Killer by Nature

Most recently, she played the coach Dasha Fedorova in the canceled Netflix drama series, Spinning Out