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Tess Sanchez Net Worth, Married Life With Max Greenfield, Bio and Age

Crix Published On Fri Nov 23 2018   Modified On Fri Nov 23 2018
Tess Sanchez Net Worth, Married Life With Max Greenfield, Bio and Age


    Tess Sanchez Net Worth, Married Life With Max Greenfield, Bio and Age

    People say that love is the strongest bond and Tess Sanchez has proved this by supporting her husband while she was handling her own career and children. Her husband, Max Greenfield was unknown and struggling but now he is an established actor all due to the support of his loving wife. She is known for her work in T.V series such as Do Not Disturb. 

    Tess Sanchez’s Biography

    Tess Sanchez was born on September 4, 1984, in the United States of America. As of 2018, she is 34 years of age. She has kept much of the information about her family life a secret from the public. Due to this, we do not have much information about her family background and early life. In spite of being in the spotlight for so many years, the public doesn’t know much about her personal details.

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    Tess Sanchez’s Statistics

    • Height: Due to her talents and hard work it is clear that there is Tess is not an ordinary woman. This is also reflected in her height as she is taller than the average woman. She is 5 feet 9 inches.
    • Body Measurements: We do not know her exact body measurements, but looking at her we can tell she has a slim figure.
    • Tattoos: There are no visible tattoos on her body.
    • Eye Color: Her eyes are beautiful brown eyes and it goes perfectly with her facial features.
    • Hair Color: Along with this, she has beautiful black hair that is straight and falls lower than her shoulders.
    • Shoe Size: We do not know her shoe size as she has been secretive about her features and measurements.
    • Skin Tone: Tess is Caucasian and has a traditional white skin tone.
    • Facial Structure: Tess has prominent cheekbones and a smaller chin she looks really cute due to this.

    Tess Sanchez’s Relationship History

    Sanchez is not very public about her relationships prior to that of her husband Max Greenfield. Consequently, we do not have much information about her exes.

    As of 2018, she is married to Max Greenfield in 2008. Max plays one of the lead characters in the famous hit show New Girl. Due to this Max is a global sensation and is a heartthrob for many of the show’s fans.

    Tess with her husband Max.

    Max and Tess have two children together Lily Greenfield and Ozzie James Greenfield. Ozzie joined the family 5 years after the birth of their first child Lily in 2015.

    Tess Sanchez’s Career And Net Worth

    Tess is a casting director for the Fox network. She has worked in many shows that have become hits. Due to this, she is considered a casting industry veteran by the media. Her notable projects include Do Not Disturb, the T.V version of the famous movie 10 Things I Hate About You and Melrose Place.

    We do not know Tess’s exact net worth but her husband Max Greenfield has a staggering net worth of $3 million. An average casting director earns more than $70 thousand a year, her salary may also be close to it.

    Tess Sanchez’s Interesting Facts

    • Tess’s second child was a bit overweight at 5 kilos and her first child was 2.7 kilos at birth.
    • She lives in Los Angeles as of now with Max and her 2 kids.
    • Her ethnicity is Caucasian.