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Is The Letter For The King's Jonah Lees Dating? His Career, Family, & Relationship in 7 Facts

Dahlia Published On Tue Mar 24 2020   Modified On Mon Mar 30 2020
Is The Letter For The King's Jonah Lees Dating? His Career, Family, & Relationship in 7 Facts

British actor Jonah Lees is known for his appearance in movies as The Letter for the King, Sun Records, and Tale of Tales. Let's discover more about Jonah Lees in seven facts.

7. Jonah Lees Age

Jonah Lees is currently 24 years old. He was born on November 24, 1995, in Colchester, United Kingdom. 

Jonah Lees
Jonah Lees was born in Colchester, United Kingdom. Source:

His father, Chris Williams Lees, is from Wales. Jonah has a step-mother, Jungmi Kim, who is Korean. 

6. Starred Along Salma Hayek in Tale of Tales

The talented young actor made his debut with the European film Tale of Tales. In the movie, he played as Jonah, who has an uncanny resemblance to the son of the queen, played by Salma Hayek

The same year, Lees also featured in the UK's Hello! magazine along with his brother in the Rising Stars of 2015 category. 

5. Jonah Has A Twin Brother 

The 24-years old actor has a identical twin whose name is Christian Lees. Christian, too, is an actor like his brother. Christian and Jonah are a member of The National Youth Theatre.

Jonah Lees and  Christian Lees
 Jonah Lees with his twin brother Christian Lees at  68th annual Cannes Film Festival. Source: Pinterest

As a matter of fact, both have appeared together in the film Sun Records and Tale of Tales. Interestingly, Christian is in a relationship with his Sun Records co-star Cait Pool since 2016. 

Jonah has a step-sister, Shannon Areum Williams Lees, professionally known as Shannon, who is a singer and actress. He is also the cousin of Los Angeles based actress, writer, and director, Natasha Sill

4. He is Active in Social Media 

Lees has 5,615 followers on his Instagram account. His Instagram handle is @jonahlees. Jonah seems like he is always in a jocular mood and keeps his followers entertained with a humorous caption. 

The 24-years old actor recently posted a picture of himself with a slightly facetious caption, 

"When your just minding your own business with fabulous hair and you hear a cough that sounds suspiciously like CORONAVIRUS". One followers responded, "Because of the Coronavirus I try not to cough in public, because people will look at me like that"

Jonah joined twitter on March 2011 with the handle @JonahRules. He has 1,922 followers on his Twitter account. You, too, can be part of Jonah's friendly social media community by following him on Twitter and Instagram. 

3. Lees is a Talented Musician

Jonah Lees joined YouTube on October 12, 2012, to post covers of his favorite songs and artists. He has uploaded five videos till now. But, since January 6, 2013, there are no activities in his YouTube account. 

Jonah Lees
Jonah Lees is a musician and an actor. Source: Ask

Perhaps, he is too busy with television and movie projects. Whether it was just a leisure pursuit or a proclivity for singing, Jonah is undoubtedly a gifted artist, and we hope to hear his mellifluous voice blended with his instrumental tune in the coming days.

2. Is Jonah Dating Actress Nicole Alyse Nelson?

Well, that is what we summed up after scrolling through Jonah's official Instagram account. Jonah posted a picture back on October 11, 2019. In the post, he is seen posing with a non-existent girlfriend, putting his hand in the air as if he had his arms on their shoulder. He wrote, 

"Two years on and still going strong!! I know at times it’s been tough, and we haven’t been able to see each other as much as we’d like.. and a lot of people tell me they don’t know what I see in you!! But I don’t care what they say! I love you babe."

But, on January 31, 2020, Jonah's posted another photo, and it seems like actress Nicole Alyse Nelson has filled the void. In the picture, he captioned, 

"I am not imagining you because I checked like three times. My dream come true."

Jonah Lees and  Nicole Alyse Nelson
Jonah Lees with actress Nicole Alyse Nelson. Source: Instagram 

There is no denying that their chemistry is adorable. However, it might be best not to assume too much until we officially hear from both actors regarding their relationship status.

1. He Plays as Jussipo in The Letter For The King

The 24-years old actor plays as Jussipo in the coming-of-age adventure television series The Letter for the King. His character is a novice Knight and has a younger brother played by Nathanael Saleh.

Along with Jonah, the series features actors Amir Wilson, Ruby Ashbourne Serkis, Thaddea Graham, Gijs Blom, David Wenham, and Yorick van Wageningen in primary roles.