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"The Witcher" Actress Freya Allan-Seven Facts About Her

Shrijan Published On Thu Dec 26 2019   Modified On Wed Feb 05 2020
"The Witcher" Actress Freya Allan-Seven Facts About Her

The world was introduced to a superstar-in-the-making when Freya Allan was announced as Ciri in the Netflix fantasy-drama series The Witcher

The role, which famously garnered controversy for its insistence on casting black, Asian, or ethnic minorities thereby contradicting the books on which the series is based, finally went to Freya.

The Witcher has already received rave reviews and Freya's portrayal has been hailed by fans and critics alike. 

Further, her journey from a theatre artist to a prominent cast in the most anticipated series has also garnished her career with a substantial rise in her net worth.

Well, with all her personal and professional endeavors in mind, here are 7 facts you ought to know about Freya Allan.

7. Stars as Ciri in Netflix's The Witcher

Perhaps her one role that will be talked about for decades, Freya broke into mainstream limelight with her high-profile casting as Ciri in the Netflix fantasy-drama TV series The Witcher.

Freya Allan as Princess Ciri in The Witcher
Freya Allan as Princess Ciri in The Witcher
Source: Digital Spy

She plays Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, the Princess of Cintra in the series led by Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. The series also includes Anya Chalotra, MyAnna Buring, and Joey Batey in star cast.

6. She is a Relative Newcomer to Acting 

To have been cast in such a monumental TV show as The Witcher with almost unattainable expectations, one would think Freya has had a storied repertoire of A-list cinema and television credits under her belt.

Quite the contrary: Freya is a relative newcomer to the industry. Her previous acting credits include minor roles in TV series like Into the Badlands and The War of the Worlds, and short movies like Bluebird, Christmas Tree, and Captain Fierce. 

Freya Allan in Into the Badlands
Freya Allan in Into the Badlands
Source: IMDb

She must have made quite an impression on her audition to land such a high-profile role, and if the TV series is any indication, she owned the role.

5. She Performed in the Theatre Adaptation of Rapunzel

Despite having a relatively short résumé, Freya has an innate knack for acting.

Before debuting on-screen, she honed her craft in theatre performing for the Oxford Playhouse. Among other things, she performed in the Rapunzel Ballet Lorent's young company in 2013 when she was only 12.

4. Has a Huge Following on Instagram

After The Witcher blew up, and Freya became a household name. Already a prominent figure on social media, her Instagram proliferated when people became enamored with Freya after her stunning performance in The Witcher.

She is currently at 222k followers, but her followers are increasing by the second and are set to be much higher.

3. She Has a Net Worth of $500k

One of the perks of being a central character in one of the biggest TV shows of the decade is the massive payday that comes with it. 

As of 2019, Freya has been estimated to be worth $500k. Her most commercially successful role came as part of The Witcher. Only at its first season, the series has already been highly successful. With season 2 already on the way, Freya's net worth is only estimated to increase. 

2. She is Only 18 Years of Age

The scary thing about Freya's explosive rise to stardom is that she is only 18! Born on September 6, 2001, the 18-year-old has accomplished more than some people achieve in their lifetime.

Freya Allan can be found on Instagram
Freya Allan can be found on Instagram
Source: Instagram @freyaallan

Already tackling the complex, multi-dimensional character of Ciri, Freya's screen presence and maturity belie her years. She is one of Hollywood's hottest up-and-comers and fans of The Witcher know why!

1. Her Upcoming Movies And TV Show

Freya commands the screen as Princess Ciri in The Witcher. The series as a whole, as well as Freya's portrayal, has garnered critical acclaim.

Following her stellar performance, Freya has been offered multiple roles in TV shows and movies. She is set to play a young Eva in the 2020 movie Gunpowder Milkshake and the upcoming TV show The Third Day as Kail