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Is "This Way Up" Actress Aisling Bea Dating Amazing Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield? 7 Facts about Aisling Bea: Her Career, Family, and Relationship Details

Dahlia Published On Sun Mar 22 2020   Modified On Mon Mar 23 2020
Is "This Way Up" Actress Aisling Bea Dating Amazing Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield? 7 Facts about Aisling Bea: Her Career, Family, and Relationship Details

Aisling Cliodhnadh O'Sullivan, professionally known as Aisling Bea, has appeared in many British and Irish television series.

In her ten years long career, Bea has won several awards, one being the British Comedy Award for best female television comedian. 

Since 2019, Bea has starred on the series Living with Yourself and This Way Up. Let's look into some interesting facts of the actress in the article.

7. Adopted Bea as A Tribute to Her Father

Aisling's real name is Aisling Cliodhnadh O'Sullivan. However, she adopted Aisling Bea for her stage name as a way to pay tribute to her father, Brian O'Sullivan. 

Aisling Bea and Brian O'Sullivan
Aisling Bea with her father, Brian O'Sullivan, in the early 1980s. Source: The Guardian

Brian worked as a equine veterinarian before taking his own life. Bea was only three years old when Brian resorted to suicide to end his life. However, she did not know about the way her father died until the age of 13. For years, Bea and her sister thought their father had died due to a back injury.

6. Spent Two Years in Finding Work for Theatre

Though Bea had always been a sort of light entertainer from an early age, she never thought of pursuing comedy as a full-time profession. Neither did she go for a stable occupation as that of her parents. Her mother, Helen Moloney, worked as a secondary school teacher and a jockey trainer. She is also a former professional jockey. 

However, Bea felt 'too fat and tall' to be a jockey, and becoming a vet was a complete no-no for her as she thinks that she has "an air of glamour that would conflict with the life of a veteran." 

Nevertheless, going for the profession she desired did not yield a favorable outcome for her. She spent two long years to find the work as a dramatic actress in the theatre, but no amount of struggle availed Bea in her pursuit. Instead, Aisling went on to be a cast of comedic television series, so she decided to try stand-up comedy. 

5. Is Aisling Bea Irish? 

Aisling Bea is an Irish actress, born in County Kildare, Ireland. Her grandfather is, Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin, an Irish language novelist and poet. 

Aisling Bea
Aisling Bea at the red carpet of British Independent Film Awards. Source: Zimbio

Moreover, Bea great aunt is Siobhán Ní Shúilleabháin, an Irish dramatist and writer. Liam O'Flynn, Irish uilleann piper, and traditional musician was a family friend of Bea. 

4. Loves Virtually Connecting With Her Fans 

Bea is quite active on social media platforms. Her Twitter feed is @WeeMissBea. She joined Twitter on March 2010 and currently has 426.3K followers. 

Besides Twitter, the 36-years old actress also has a huge number of followers on Instagram; as of now, she has 404k followers. Bea recently posted a beautiful video to calm her followers in the state of fear and tumult caused by Coronavirus. The video quotes the lyrics of Grammy Hall of Fame inducted song, What a Wonderful World. 

3. Is Second Women to Win So You Think You're Funny? Competition 

In 20 years, no women had won So You Think You're Funny? a game designed for up and coming stand-up comedians. The first woman to win the show is Scottish comedian Rhona Cameron, who won the coveted comedy contest in 1992. 

After winning the Gilded Balloon's So You Think You're Funny? stand-up competition, her three years of stand-up career went on to grasp the meteoric rise to prominence. In an interview with The Guardian, the 36-years old actress stated, 

"For me, it was just a competition that got me to tighten up some of my jokes, but after I won it, there was definitely a hoo-ha that I didn’t expect. The attention made me a bit paranoid for a while, but it opened many doors and was definitely one of those turning points you hear people talk about in interviews."

2. Who is Aisling Bea going out with?

In 2018, Bea had been romantically linked with Prodigal Son's star Michael Sheen. According to Mirror, Bea and Sheen were first spotted together, leaving the NHS Heroes Awards in May of 2018. They are said to have dated for months, even sharing a picture clicked at a New York charity event confirming their affair. 

However, Sheen announced the news of expecting a child together with Swedish actress Anna Lundberg back in 2019. 

Andrew Garfield and Aisling Bea
Andrew Garfield and Aisling Bea were seen together at the theatre. Source: EOnline

According to The Sun, Aisling is dating Amazing Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield. Both were spotted together at the theatre in London's West End. The pair were seen laughing together in the audience and enjoying the performance of Hamilton. 

1. She is the Head Writer of This Way Up

Bea plays as Aine in the British comedy-drama television series This Way Up. In addition to starring in the show as lead cast, Bea is also the screenwriter of the comedy-drama show. Moreover, along with her fellow co-star, Sharon Horgan, Aisling is also the executive producer of This Way Up. 

The series features other talented actors as Dorian Grover, Tobias Menzies, Aasif Mandvi, and Indira Varma in prominent roles.