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Seven Facts of This Way Up Star Dorian Grover: His Career as a Child Actor, Ethnicity, and Filmography

Dahlia Published On Mon Mar 23 2020   Modified On Mon Mar 23 2020
Seven Facts of This Way Up Star Dorian Grover: His Career as a Child Actor, Ethnicity, and Filmography

Child actor Dorian Grover has earned a name for himself with his spectacular performance in British comedy-drama television series This Way Up

So, what is his character all about in the series and what other work has Dorian been part of before This Way Up. Let's have a look at some interesting facts about this up and coming star.

7. Who is Dorian Grover?

Dorian Grover is a television actor, born in London, the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. 

Though it is unclear what year Grover was born, he is cited to be between the age of 10 - 13 as of now. 

Dorian Grover
Dorian Grover is a television actor. Source: IMDb

Dorian surname Grover is derived from an occupation involving working in tree groves. The term is cognate with the German "Grüber."

6. How tall is Dorian Grover?

Dorian Grover is quite tall for his age. He stands 5 feet and 7 inches (1.7m) according to his IMDb biography. 

Interestingly, Grover's profile in Mandy says he is exactly 5 feet (1m 52cm). Nevertheless, growth plates remain open past the age of 13, so Dorian height could continue to increase.

5. Ethnicity of Dorian Grover

Grover belongs to the Caucasian race; however, his ethnic background is unknown. 

Dorian Grover
Dorian Grover lives in London. Source: Pinterest

In such a short time, Grover is undoubtedly making good progress with a performance that evokes admiration and is currently the most likely-looking budding actor to reach the height of success as that of successful actors as Timothée Chalamet and Millie Bobby Brown

4. He is fluent in French

As a matter of fact, the This Way Up actor is multilingual. He is proficient in French and can moderately speak the Italian language. 

Native British, Grover mostly speaks with his native English accent. However, he can also imitate the North American accent and foreign French and Italian accent articulately. 

Dorian also enjoys playing football, running, and dancing. He says, "Most of all - well, almost - I like pretending to be someone else for a while." Perhaps this is where his penchant for acting comes into play. 

It should also be noted that Dorian is a skilled pianist. For all we know, he might have performed some works of Franz Liszt; we can only hope he does so in his movie!

3. Grover is the Member Hunt Academy

Dorian is represented by his agent, The Hunt Academy for Young Actors in the entertainment industry. The academy provides training to the young artist belonging to the age group of 5 to 25 on acting in theatre, film, and television, as well as writing, directing, and producing. 

Moreover, it also provides young actors with an opportunity to meet a wide range of people from the entertainment industry, letting them experience different ways of working and building a connection.

2. Dorian Had a Recurring Role in The White Princess

Grover made his television debut with the Philippa Gregory's novel based historical drama television miniseries The White Princess.

Dorian Grover
Dorian Grover played as a young prince in The White Princess. Source: HAYA

Dorian played as a young prince, Philip, in the series that revolves around the story of Elizabeth of York, the White Queen's daughter, played by actress Jodie Comer. The series is also the sequel to the mini-series The White Queen, which is also the adaptation of Gregory's novel. 

1. He is the Main Cast of This Way Up

Dorian Grover portrays the character Etienne in Channel 4's British comedy-drama television series This Way Up

Grover is seen as a 12-year-old French native learning English language from Aine portrayed by actress Aisling Bea. Tobias Menzies plays as Etienne's father in the show. The series also features Sharon Horgan, Aasif Mandvi, and Indira Varma in primary roles.