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What Do The Tattoos Of Famous Interior Designer And TV Show Host David Bromstad's Tattoos Mean?

Hendrix Published On Wed Jan 22 2020   Modified On Wed Jan 22 2020
What Do The Tattoos Of Famous Interior Designer And TV Show Host David Bromstad's Tattoos Mean?

Celeb interior designer and TV personality David Bromstad is undoubtedly one of the best-known interior designers for TV fans. Similarly, his tattoos are as intriguing and famous as his work on screen.        

Bromstad comes from a very conservative Christian upbringing where getting inked was not allowed, so getting tattoos was a big step for him, and each piece of art on his body means something to him.   

The animator turned interior designer and TV show a host-the list of tats on his body and the special meaning they convey are listed below: -    

10. Minnie Mouse   

Bromstad used to work at Disney as an animator, but started his own company after being put on leave by the company, so he has some history with Disney and its characters.    

David has a Minnie Mouse tat which might represent his work with Disney in the past

Image Source:Tattoo Me Now 

He has a Minnie Mouse tat on his right bicep. The art resembles the old classic Minnie Mouse rather than the modern era Minnie. 

9. Mickey Mouse  

To go with Minnie on his right bicep, Bromstad has Mickey mouse tattooed on his right arm. In fact, his right arm features multiple tats of the classic Disney character. 

There is a big ink of Mickey as the centerpiece and various other renditions of the character all over his arm. 

8. Lion

David has the art of a lion on his left leg on the shin. While some sources believe that the tat represents the star’s zodiac sign-it might also represent power, wisdom, pride, dignity, etc. 

7. Tattoos On His Chest

Bromstad has an iconic art of “Limited Edition” on his chest. While initially he only had the words on his chest, he later added extravagant designs including birds, a crown and a heart right in the middle of his chest.  

David's Limited Edition edition tat on his chest

Image Source: Tattoos Designs

Although we might find the tattoo cool, the designer has called it tasteless, shameless for bragging about himself.

6. 1973

David Bromstad has inked his birthdate on his sternum. He only has the simple words 1973 inked on his chest and “est” right below it. 

5. Tribal Designs

The TV show host has two tats on his chest and a tattoo. The design on his left arm is of 3 Chinese letters that mean artist and painter. 

4. Forearm

Bromstad’s forearm also has the tattoo of a Chandelier. The tat seems to be taken right out from a Disney castle. 

The Chandelier covers almost all of his forearm and connects to the Mickey Mouse and the Artist tat on the same arm.

3. Love

The famed tattooist Cortni West gave him the body art with vibrant and colorful letters of the word LOVE.

The stylized tattoo of "LOVE" on David Bromstad's leg

Image Source:Tattoo Me Now

The design resembles that of a retro neon sign usually found in Las Vegas.  

2. Hand Ink

Bromstad has a tattoo on his hand; it is a stylized design of the word Artist where the T has been made to look like a cross.   

1. Rainbow/ Pride

David Bromstad is openly gay and is an advocate for the LGBTQ community. He got the Pride flag or the Colors of the rainbow inked on his leg around the ‘LOVE’ tattoo. 

Bromstad's gay pride tat extending from the "O" of his LOVE tat

Image Source: Tattoos Designs

He posted the caption:

“My tattoo addiction is shining bright with a rainbow of delicious colors. It symbolizes so much for me. The gay flag, my love for color, my first tv series, color splash, freedom and it’s just plain happy. I encourage u all to embrace the core of who u are. I just happen to be wacky colorful artistic weirdo and I love it. So much more to come! “.

Clearly, the body art means a lot to him, as a matter of fact, he also named his first TV show color splash because it represented the gay community and freedom.