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What Fashion Trend To Follow This Holiday Season?

Amy Published On Mon Dec 16 2019   Modified On Mon Dec 16 2019
What Fashion Trend To Follow This Holiday Season?

Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression in clothing, footwear, accessories, lifestyle, makeup, hairstyle, and body proportions. Fashion/Style is an expression that can last over many seasons, whereas a trend often lasts shorter than a season. 

As we all know the Holiday season is right around the corner, so are the new cool winter trends. Let us go through some new trends and fashion for Christmas and New Year’s. 

Here Is A List Of Few Highlighted Trends Of The Holiday Season: 

1. Cozy Sweaters 

Sweaters not only help you tackle with a cold breeze, but they also make you stylish and fashionable. So why not look pretty in pearls decorated cardigans?   

Cozy Sweaters Are Forever LoveImage Source: Fashion Gum
Cozy Sweaters Are Forever Love

Image Source: Fashion Gum

One can buy Alexander Wang’s pearl-besotted sweaters, Christopher Kane’s kooky pullover to dramatic red Prada jumper to spice up their look. Or just an H&M top could do the thing. 

2. Hot Colors

Bold, attractive, and fiery shades are everything this season. You can look warm in orange, red, yellow, and fuschia and instantly make a statement.

For example, you can wear Plisse Midi Dress, Foxy Shearling Belted Coat, or even Ice Blue Foxy Top which can be found in ASOS, Saks Potts, and Rezek Studio. And can also brighten up surrounding with some neon rollneck.

3. Trousers & Stockings 

Another retro style for a comeback this season is wearing a skirt or a dress over a pair of stockings and trousers.

The style may sound crazy to some, however, it is a super cute trend. With a pleated skirt with a pair of pants or straight-leg pants with a flowing dress with cute heels and comfy sneaks, you’re sure to be the most fashion-forward person in the room. 

4. Footwear

Another way to slay the streets is in a pair of snakeskin shoes. Whether its boots to sandals, the animal skin print shoes are the perfect way to tie an outfit together.

Snakeskin Print Boots are Peng Image Source: Pic Click
Snakeskin Print Boots are Peng 

Image Source: Pic Click

The color could be blue or pink, styles with analogous shades could keep the tradition going on making you the biggest trendsetter around.

5. Bags

When it comes to fashion, bags play a vital role. Purse is a beautiful statement piece that amplifies any look. As we can see, there are a lot of options from a small satin tote to silky rose-motif top-handle to luxe emerald lunch bag.

For a more maximalist look for holiday spirit, you can pick a supermodel-approved shoulder bag. For your textured, printed, or sequined look a pillow clutch or wristlet pouch could do its thing. 

6. Boiler Suits

For comfort and style, a boiler suit can never go wrong. The 70’s punk look has made a comeback paired with a designer bag and heels.

Adding a belt and some dazzling jewels paired with silhouette or sneakers you can do both: be comfortable and serve million-dollar looks.

7. Necklaces & Chains

When it comes to neck-piece, it doesn’t have to be delicate, tiny, and cute. Even the most intricate outfits could benefit from something bold and chunky chains. 

Accessories could be gold, silver, or bronze and still enhance the beauty of any outfit to create a rebellious aesthetic look.

8. Customized Hair Pins

Bad hair could degrade your whole outfit level whereas keeping your hair in place and expressing yourself could level it up onto another level.

When it comes to style, there is no limit. You can just wear your name as a hairclip and choose to empower yourself and spread a cool vibe. These pieces of jewelry could help you serve to look stylish and sleek at the same time.

9. Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses could never go wrong in an outfit. The new sharp and modern glasses could be a fabulous accessory to add to your collection, and it perfectly polishes your looks. 

Trendy Quadrilateral edges sunglassesImage Source: Karen Walker
Trendy Quadrilateral edges sunglasses

Image Source: Karen Walker

You can keep it classy with a reliable black pair with quadrilateral edges or spice up your look with pastel lenses and cat-eye frames.

10. Puffy Headbands

Last but not least, headbands have made another round of comeback to style. The vintage-style puffy headbands sit high up on your head and upraise your look with a retro spin. 

Whether it’s simply meeting up with someone for lunch or walking the steps of the Met, with some Alice bands, you can unleash your inner Blair Waldorf and spice up your style.

Having a bad hair day? Go for some classic vintage headbands and get a cute look instantly.