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What Makes Keanu Reeves The Most Charitable Hollywood Celebrity?

tp-admin Published On Sun Jun 12 2022   Modified On Sun Jun 12 2022
What Makes Keanu Reeves The Most Charitable Hollywood Celebrity?


    What Makes Keanu Reeves The Most Charitable Hollywood Celebrity?

    Known for his incredible action roles Keanu Reeves is one of the most beloved actors in the world who has led a legendary career in show business. To add to his talents on the screen he is described as one of the most down to earth celebs in the world.

    In addition to this, he is also regarded among the most charitable celebrities in the world. Unlike most of the rich and famous people, he is modest about his charitable contributions. A silent and down to earth persona, Reeves has silently donated huge sums of money to charity.

    Likewise, Keanu has done all sorts of good work including work on the small scale. Worth more than $380 million as of June 2022, the star has an incredible collection of houses and cars. 

    He comes from a very tough background and has experienced a lot of tragedy over the years but has persevered and is one of the richest actors in Hollywood as of June 2022. He experienced sadness from a very young age as his father left him and his family when Reeves was just 3 years old.

    In addition to this, he also experienced more heartbreak when his daughter with Jennifer Syme was stillborn due to which their relationship ended, but more grief was yet to come when his former girlfriend died in a car accident on April 2, 2001.

    Drawing from his own experiences, Keanu Reeves has tried to help other people. Over the years he has donated a lot of his time as well as money to different charities and philanthropic causes.

    His passionate philanthropy and extremely charitable nature only add to the stars already beloved public image.

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    Keanu Reeves Charity

    Reeves as earned his place as one of the most beloved celebrities in the world as he is one of the most charitable actors in the world. In fact, he has donated millions of dollars to several charities all over the world.

    What makes him even more beloved is the fact that he does not like to gloat about his contribution to the betterment of society.

    Many call him the nicest human being on earth and even we agree that he is one of the more private celebrities around.

    Over the years he has donated an extremely huge sum to various organizations including children hospitals.

    Helping Crew And Workers On Set

    He has done a lot for the people, as a matter of fact, he is a favorite of movie crew and stuntmen. Reeves takes care of the people he works with and always treats his crew extremely well.

    He regularly takes them out on lunch and once gifted Harley Davidsons to stuntmen after the filming ‘Matrix’. Each stunt artist was given £6,000 ($7,498) worth Harleys. He also gave £50 million ($62 million) of his £70 million ($87 million) to charity.

    Philanthropy & Donations

    Reeves secretly donated millions of dollars to various children’s hospitals for over a decade. When his sister Kim Reeves, was diagnosed with leukemia in the 1990s.

    He also has a secret charitable foundation that donates for children’s medical needs in his sister’s name but like every other incredible thing he has done, he has kept the charitable donations of his organization a secret.

    The action superstar once also drove 50 miles out of his way to drive a woman that he did not even know home.

    Another Good Samaritan like that he did is taking a pay cut to cast Al Pacino in the film The Devil's Advocate.

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    A recent act of random kindness that he did was helping fellow passengers find their way home after a plane they were riding in had to make an emergency landing. They all rented a van to reach their destinations instead of busting out his A-lister card and hiring a private jet to go to his destination.

    Matrix star Keanu Reeves once also sat down and laid beside a homeless man just to make conversation with him. Photos of him talking with the homeless man and it is a testament to how much down to earth he is.

    He does not usually use his star card and once waited outside a bar at the premiere of his own movie after the bouncer did not recognize him. He believes in not creating a scene and patiently waited, while it was raining! to attend the premiere of his own movie.