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Who is Wendy Haskell? Her Net Worth, sexual harassment, Bio Relationship & body measurements

Crix Published On Mon Nov 26 2018   Modified On Mon Nov 26 2018
Who is Wendy Haskell? Her Net Worth, sexual harassment, Bio  Relationship &  body measurements


    Who is Wendy Haskell? Her Net Worth, sexual harassment, Bio Relationship & body measurements

    Sometimes life gives us challenges that we are not fully prepared to face. But even so if we tough them out, we can become stronger and a source of inspiration for others. Sexual harassment, especially in a work environment, is mentally and physically scarring. Wendy Haskell is another such victim of this absolutely disgusting act. She came forth with claims against NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon when she worked as his assistant.

    Wendy Haskell’s Biography

    Wendy Haskell was born in 1985 and her exact birthdate is a secret to us. She was born in Orange County in the state of California. As of 2018, she is 33 years old and she hasn’t disclosed any more information about her family, siblings and early life. She is of Caucasian ethnicity. Her hometown is in Buffalo in New York where she completed her high school education and a college degree. She studied at Clarence High School, Buffalo and got her higher college education from State University of New York, Buffalo. She has a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy.

    Wendy posing for a pro-shot.

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    Wendy Haskell’s Statistics

    • Height: Wendy Haskell is a really tall woman and beats the average by 5 inches. She has a decently tall height of 5 feet 9 inches.
    • Body Measurements: She has a pear-shaped figure with measurements of 32-28-36.
    • Tattoos: There are no visible tattoos on Wendy’s body.
    • Eye Color: Her eyes are really unique and quite mesmerizing because they are of the rare gray color.
    • Hair Color: Haskell has bl0nde hair that matches perfectly with her white skin tone and gray eyes.
    • Weight: Wendy has a healthy weight of 60 kilograms that is suitable for a woman of her tall height.

    Wendy Haskell’s Relationship History

    Wendy Haskell is currently single and has not disclosed any information about her love life. She has never been married and there is no rumor regarding her wedding as of now. Haskell doesn’t have any kids and she has kept a low profile about her boyfriends. She has focused most of her time on her career rather than dating and due to this, she has been quite successful.

    Wendy Haskell’s Sexual Harassment Claims

    In 2017 Wendy Haskell filed for sexual harassment and misconduct charges on Warren Moon. She claimed that Moon made her sleep on the same bed as him and behaved with her in a way that was inappropriate. In her claims, she says that Warren grabbed her by the crotch.

    Along with this, he had many other bizarre requests such as making her wear only lingerie when the two were alone and going so far as to mix drugs in her drink. Although these claims are lewd and unacceptable they have not been proved in the court of law. However, Warren has admitted to sleeping in the same bed as Wendy which is clearly an inappropriate action for an Employer-Employee dynamic. Further, she claims that Warren forced her to do such things in order to keep her job.

    Wendy Haskell’s Career and Net Worth

    Wendy Haskell is a physical therapist by profession and has worked in physiotherapy clinics in places such as New York. She did a lot of work for Sport 1 Marketing company and Warren Moon. Wendy Haskell’s net worth is not known to us as of 2018 but the average salary of a physiotherapist ranges from $50k-$80k. She doesn’t post pictures on social media and is relatively inactive on platforms so it is hard to say much about her earnings and assets.

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    Wendy Haskell Interesting Facts

    • She has a hobby in playing basketball and doing gymnastics.
    • She was demoted by her boss when she complained about Warren’s inappropriate conduct.
    • Wendy has worked for the Time Warner Sports Company.