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Irresistible Plot, Star Cast, And Critical Acclaim, "You" Wins It All, Reasons You Should Watch Netflix's "You"

Hendrix Published On Fri Jan 31 2020   Modified On Wed Feb 05 2020
Irresistible Plot, Star Cast, And Critical Acclaim, "You" Wins It All, Reasons You Should Watch Netflix's "You"

'You' is one of the hottest shows on Netflix right now. Netflix has produced some of the most intense yet entertaining shows in recent years. The list of their shows includes The Witcher, Stranger Things, Mindhunter among others.   

Netflix is not afraid to explore darker themes like other traditional TV networks and it is provided extra freedom given the fact it is an online streaming service rather than a cable network.

The streaming service is set to spend a record $17.8 billion in 2020 on its shows. The show developed by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble has already completed 2 seasons on the streaming service and the third season is set to release on 9 April 2021.

Why You Should Watch ‘You’?

Along with being one of the most-watched shows on Netflix, the show is also one of the most unique and intense that will give you chills every other minute.

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg On You
Source: Insider

All of us are obsessive in some way for something but the lead character takes it to the next level by doing anything and everything to get whom he wants.

Nothing, we repeat, nothing is off-limits for the ‘protagonist’ of the show and while we want to limit spoilers, we can’t help but discuss how disgusting and creepy his actions on the show are.

Below Are Some Reasons To Watch ‘You’

Plot Will Pull You In Like A Meat Grinder Pulls In Meat (Pun Intended)

Spoiler Alert!! A stellar cast portrays the characters on the show, especially the lead Joe Goldberg who manages a bookstore in New York as he obsesses over a girl, Guinevere Beck (an aspiring writer) that he meets and is immediately attracted to.

Badgley as Joe and Beck as Lail On Netflix's You
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Throwing the traditional method to ask out a girl and date her, he instead chooses to systematically remove every obstacle that comes in between him and her.

He also tracks her in every creepy way possible, from stalking social media to stalking her in alleys and roads, Joe Goldberg defines what a creep is while being the most charming he can.

Stellar Cast

Charm comes naturally to Penn Badgley and he masterfully depicts the charming yet incredibly creepy and awkward Joe Goldberg. Not many actors could pull off this bilaterally opposing role. The lead was cast in June 2017.

Similarly, Elizabeth Lail was cast as the female lead in July 2017, and she is also on par with her opponent on the show. Just like a chemical catalyst that does not take part in the reaction but increases its speed, Guinevere Beck’s character traits also push Goldberg into darker and darker places.

Ambyr Childers provides the most pivotal scene of the whole series when the supposedly dead girl returns.

The iconic John Stamos is also cast in the role of Dr. Nicky. He plays the therapist of Guinevere Beck who is ultimately thrown into jail after the book written by Beck.

Victoria Pedretti also turns the tables when she appears as Love Quinn and becomes a darker force on the snow than anyone expected her to be. Quinn complements Joe rather than being the yang to his ying.

James Scully plays Forty Quinn, the brother of Love Quinn who is killed by the police as they think he killed Chris D’Elia’s character Henderson. 

The Critics Love The Show

The first season of the show has 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and audiences as well as critics can’t seem to praise the show enough. Similarly, the second season also comes in at a close 89%.

Every aspect of the show has drawn the viewers in and the actors’ performance coupled with the plot of the show defines the show uniquely.

Similarly, the show has a 7.8 rating on IMDb, and the second season of the show has also gotten rave reviews with each episode rated over 8 out of 10.

When Will The Third Season Come Out, What Will Be The Plot?

Here is what we can tell you right off the bat; season 3 will contain more murder, gore, blood, and creepiness.

Joe Goldberg And Love Quinn are the main characters in the third season of the show
Source: TVFanatic 

Additionally, as season 1 ended with Candace bringing a new pivot to Joe, season 2’s end also revealed Love, a character that has a dark side that will provide support to the serial killer.

Instead of opposing him, this new character competes with him and Joe also competes with her.

The date of release is set on 9 April 2021 but these dates can be arbitrary if everything does not come together.