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You Alum Elizabeth Lail Is The New Face Hollywood: Her Seven Facts Including Net Worth And Filmography

Dahlia Published On Mon Feb 03 2020   Modified On Wed Feb 05 2020
You Alum Elizabeth Lail Is The New Face Hollywood: Her Seven Facts Including Net Worth And Filmography

The American actress Elizabeth Lail with her chameleon-like acting chops is undoubtedly on the up and up. Lail has portrayed a character of the psychopath in the supernatural horror television series Dead of Summer. Later, she became a kind and intelligent aspiring writer in the Netflix psychological thriller You.    

Here we will learn seven exciting facts of the Hollywood starlet.

7. Lail Is Very Active On Instagram

Elizabeth Lail uses Instagram to connect with her fans. Currently, she has 1.5 million followers. 

Besides posting the photoshoots and promotion related to her movies, Lail utilizes the platform to convey messages about concerning world issues.

Elizabeth Lail
Elizabeth Lail reposted a climate issue related picture on Instagram. Source: 

Instagram @elizabethlail

Recently, the Countdown actress reposted a message related to Climate Change. While some supported the post, others criticized Lail for supporting such issues.    

6. Worked In Nine Shows Since 2011

Lail started her acting career in 2011 at the age of 19. The short family-drama film Model Airplane released in 2011 happens to be Elizabeth first movie. She played the character Anna whose goal was to fix the radio-controlled aeroplane. After three years gap, she appeared in yet another short drama Without.  

Following year, she left her hometown and moved to New York to pursue stage work. Luckily, at this time around, she landed a recurring role in ABC's Once Upon a Time. Subsequently, Lail grabbed a leading role in Dead of Summer and You.   

In addition to this, Elizabeth appeared in an episode of two series: The Blacklist and The Good Fight. 

A drama thriller movie Unintended released in 2018 became Lail's first movie. However, she gained more attention from her second film Countdown released in 2019 despite the movie receiving mixed reviews.  

5. Elizabeth Wanted A Different Ending In You

A few guest appearances in series paved the way for Lail to be a female lead in Netflix's You. The show became rewarding for her as she quickly became a lead role in a horror film Countdown. 

Elizabeth worked with talented actors like Penn Badgley, Luca Padovan, Zach Cherry, Shay Mitchell, Victoria Pedretti, Jenna Ortega, James Scully, Ambyr Childers, Carmela Zumbado, and many more.    

Lail character, Beck, becomes the victim of an obsessive boyfriend and she did not have the happy ending in the season finale of the season one. In an interview with Radio Times, she revealed about wanting to see some girl power in the show. She stated, "The unfortunate thing is, the woman doesn't win in the end. And I am so sick and tired of that."  

Nevertheless, she clarified that she is happy to be part of the show and was a bit sad to be unable to continue the journey with her co-star Penn Badgley.     

4. Lail Has Worked With David Fincher

Elizabeth was delighted to work with David Fincher on music video comedy series Videosyncrazy. 

On 2015, HBO had ordered the production of the series, but unfortunately, the HBO halted the production after four episodes. The cancellation of the show made Lail greatly upset as she took the job as a learning opportunity. 

In addition to working with Fincher, she was also cast alongside actors like Kerry Condon and Jason Flemyng. 

Elizabeth Lail
Elizabeth Lail photographed at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation event

 Source: listal

Moreover, Elizabeth had been considered for the title role in the DC Comics-based series Supergirl in the same year. However, actress and singer Melissa Benoist became finalized for the role.

3. Got To Do Chemistry Reads In Countdown  

For Elizabeth, previous projects involved her doing the chemistry testing with the lead male cast. However, in the audition of movie Countdown, she experienced the fun of doing the exact opposite for the first time. 

This time it was Lail with whom everyone had to test their chemistry, and she really took this opportunity as rewarding.   

Perhaps the success of You played a significant role here since Countdown was her first offered role and she received it just six months after the release of You on Netflix. 

2. Amy Hughes Character Was Specifically Written For Her  

In the supernatural teen drama Dead of Summer, the 27-years old actress played the evil character, Amy Hughes. Lail appeared in all ten episodes of the show. 

Elizabeth Lail
Elizabeth Lail at the opening night of "Jagged Little Pill"

Source: Zim Bio

The exciting thing is the creator of the show wrote the role of Amy Hughes, specifically for Elizabeth. It should be noted that the creator of the show Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz also worked with Lail in the series Once Upon a Time before Dead of Summer.   

1. Elizabeth Lail Is Worth $ 1 Million 

As per 2020, Lail is worth a whopping 1 million dollar, and this can be credited to her appearance in various television series and films. 

Besides acting, the Once Upon a Time actress has also participated in charity works and campaigns. The Texas native is enjoying the progress of her career and hopes to gain even more success in coming days with her versatile performance.