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Zharick León

Dotel Published On Thu Aug 03 2023   Modified On Thu Aug 03 2023
Zharick León


    Zharick León

    Zharick León is known for her remarkable performances in projects like Doña Bella and Pasión de Gavilanes, Zharick León has earned honors and admiration for her acting skill. 

    Early Life and Background Of Zharick León

    Zharick León, born Zharick Andrea León Villalba on November 17, 1974, in Cartagena, Colombia, is a talented actress and model. Zharick's father and mother's identities are unclear. She has Columbian nationality. 

    Selfie of Zharick León.
    Selfie of Zharick León.
    Source: Facebook @Zharick León.

    Regarding education, León attended Javeriana University and received a degree in social communication and journalism. She also participated in La Chica Águila and won.

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    Personal Life Of Zharick León

    While Zharick León's personal life has garnered attention from the public eye and her fans. The actress has experienced two marriages, both of which eventually ended in divorce.

    In 2007, Zharick León exchanged vows with Martín Karpan, but unfortunately, their marriage came to an end in 2009, after just two years. The couple shares a beautiful son named Luciano Karpan León, born in July 2008.

    Following her divorce from Martín Karpan, Zharick León entered into another marriage, this time with Nicolas Reyes in 2010. However, this union also faced challenges, and the couple separated in 2011.

    Despite the setbacks in her marriages, Zharick León found love again in the arms of José Rodrigo Bonilla. Together, they have a daughter named Levana Bonilla León, representing a precious bond that goes beyond any relationship status.

    Married Life of Zharick And José Rodrigo

    Zharick and José Rodrigo are a married couple living in Mexico City. They have been married for five years and have two children, a daughter and a son. The couple met in college and quickly became best friends.

    Zharick And José Rodrigo with their daughter.
    Zharick And José Rodrigo with their daughter.
    Source: Pinterest 

    Zharick and José started dating shortly after and eventually tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their family and friends. Since then, they have been living a happy and fulfilling life together. They also make sure to make time for each other.

    The couple also values their faith and regularly attends church together. They have a strong bond with their church community and are actively involved in their local community. They also volunteer their time to help those in need, whether it be through their church or other charitable organizations.

    Zharick León's Net Worth and Salary

    Zharick León's talent and hard work have earned her a significant net worth. Her estimated net worth stands at an impressive $2 million. However, specific details about her salary and earnings from her career are not publicly disclosed.

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    When compared to other top actresses, such as Meryl Streep with a net worth of $160 million, Nicole Kidman with $183 million, and Charlize Theron with $131 million, León's success in the industry is evident.

    Zharick León's Professional Life and Career

    Zharick first became known as a teenager when she won the beauty contest La Chica Águila. She continued modeling while receiving a social communication and journalism degree from Javeriana University.

    León's acting journey has been nothing short of remarkable. After her breakthrough role as Bella, she went on to display her versatility and acting finesse in various series and films. 

    Zharick León and other teams of Pasión de Gavilanes.Zharick León and other teams of Pasión de Gavilanes.
    Zharick León and other teams of Pasión de Gavilanes.
    Source: Facebook @Passion of Gavilanes

    Notable among these are her performances as Lina in "El baile de la Vida," Fabiola in "Operación Pacífico," and a host of other significant roles in series like "Garzón Vibe," "La Promesa," "La Ruta Blanca," and "La Pola."

    Her contributions to the big screen are equally impressive, with appearances in movies such as "Los Ajenos Fútbol Club," "La Promesa," and "Alborada carmesí."

    Her Telenovals And Films

    Zharick León is a Colombian actress who has starred in many popular telenovelas and films. Here are some of her most notable works:

    • Pasión de gavilanes (2003). This telenovela was a huge hit in Latin America and made León a star. She played the role of Jimena Elizondo, one of the three Elizondo sisters who are involved in a love triangle with the Reyes brothers.
    Movie poster of the Movie 'Pasión de gavilanes.'
    Movie poster of the Movie 'Pasión de gavilanes.'
    Source: Facebook @Zharick León
    • Dora, la celadora (2004). This telenovela was also a major success and earned León a nomination for a TVyNovelas Award for Best Actress. She played the role of Dora, a strong and independent woman who works as a prison guard.
    • La Viuda de Blanco (2006). This telenovela was based on the novel of the same name by Gustavo Bolívar. León played the role of Alicia, a woman who is widowed after her husband is murdered. She seeks revenge on his killers, but she also finds love along the way.
    • Los Ajenos Fútbol Club (2008). This film is a comedy about a group of misfits who form a soccer team. León played the role of Sofía, the team's manager.
    • La Pola (2010). This telenovela is based on the life of Policarpa Salavarrieta, a Colombian heroine who fought for independence from Spain. León played the role of Policarpa, a brave and determined woman who is willing to sacrifice everything for her country.

    Zharick León is a talented actress who has starred in some of the most popular telenovelas and films in Latin America. She is a versatile actress who can play a wide range of roles, and she is always entertaining to watch

    Awards and Nominations of Zharick Leon

    Zharick Leon is a distinguished Colombian actress and model celebrated for her exceptional contributions to film and television. She has been honored with numerous awards and nominations throughout her career.

    Zharick Leon is a Colombian actress and model.
    Zharick Leon is a Colombian actress and model.
    Source: Twitter @FueledByChangua

    In 2010, she was honored as Actress of the Year at the Latin Pride International Awards for her role as Bella Cepeda in Dona Bella. She was also nominated for the TVyNovelas Award Colombia for Favorite Female Villain in a Telenovela.

    Leon has not made any movie appearances, and there is no information available about any other awards or nominations she may have received.

    Rumors and Controversy

    Despite being in the limelight, Zharick León has managed to maintain a clean and respectable public image. She has skillfully steered clear of rumors and desperate scandals, focusing instead on her professional growth and personal well-being.

    Zharick León's Physical Attributes

    Zharick León's physical presence adds to her allure as a talented actress and model. Standing tall at 5 feet 8 inches, she carries herself with grace and confidence. Her dark brown eyes and black hair complement her captivating features, making her a true beauty on and off the screen.

    Zharick León on Social Media

    In today's digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for celebrities to connect with their fans and admirers. Zharick León, too, has a strong presence on various social media platforms.

    Profile picture of Zharick León on Instagram.
    Profile picture of Zharick León on Instagram.
    Source: Instagram @zharickleonactriz

    Zharick's Instagram account boasts over 1.3M followers, where she shares glimpses of her personal and professional life, captivating her audience with every post.

    On Twitter, she has garnered a following of over 30.3k fans who eagerly engage with her updates and thoughts. Additionally, her Facebook account is followed by around 16.7k people, making her a social media influencer with a significant reach.

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