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home Biography Who is Zoie Palmer Married to? Know Her Net Worth, Bio, Son, Family, Body Measurements & Husband.

Who is Zoie Palmer Married to? Know Her Net Worth, Bio, Son, Family, Body Measurements & Husband.

Crix Published On Sat Dec 01 2018   Modified On Sun Dec 30 2018
Who is Zoie Palmer Married to? Know Her Net Worth, Bio, Son, Family, Body Measurements & Husband.


    Who is Zoie Palmer Married to? Know Her Net Worth, Bio, Son, Family, Body Measurements & Husband.

    While most of us find comfort in easy things in life, Zoie Palmer takes on roles that challenge her. She is attracted to roles that have an element of danger to hem. Zoie mostly takes on roles that have supernatural or criminal traits. It takes courage to play those roles and it takes an incredible amount of courage to come out as a lesbian in this world which she also did.

    Zoie Palmer’s Biography

    Zoie Palmer was born on October 28, 1977. This makes her 41 years of age in 2018. She is an English-Canadian. Her birthplace is Camborne, Cornwall, England. Her parents were of British and Irish heritage. She is White or is of the Caucasian ethnicity. Zoie is a lesbian and came out publically in 2014 thanking all those who supported her. She went to Sacred Heart Catholic High School in Newmarket of Ontario.

    After this got a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University in Toronto, Canada, in 2001. Palmer’s first professional experience as an actor was as a teenager in summer stock at the Red Barn Theatre in Jackson’s Point, Ontario, Canada.

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    Zoie Palmer’s Statistics

    • Height: The average height for a woman is 2 inches shorter than Zoie’s height so she stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall.
    • Body Measurements: She has a unique body type which is not categorized but resembles an hourglass figure. Her exact measurements are 34-25-35 inches.
    • Tattoos: Zoie doesn’t have any tattoos on her body.
    • Eye Color: Zoie is beautiful and so are her eyes. Her eyes are brown in color.
    • Hair Color: Palmer is a Caucasian so naturally her hair is blonde.
    • Weight: Her weight is around 55 kg which is decent for her height and age.

    Zoie Palmer’s Relationship History

    Some people struggle with identifying themselves and knowing who they really are. Similarly, Zoie Palmer was also confused about her sexual orientation but at the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards she came out as a lesbian and gave thanks to her partner Alex Lalonde and Palmer’s son. She has had other relationships too, in fact, her son is from a previous relationship of hers. Alex Lalonde is a Canadian film producer, her work is well-appreciated by the Canadian and global audience.

    Zoie with her partner Alex at an event.

    The couple has not given any information regarding when they started together as a couple but they had been spotted together as far back as 2011. We do not know if they will marry or not but now gay marriage is legal so it might be a future plan for them.

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    Zoie Palmer’s Net Worth and Career

    Zoie is an actress who has worked on many projects during her career. Her best-known work till now is as Dr. Lauren Lewis, a major character in the Canadian series Lost Girl. Along with this, she has played a number of supernatural roles such as in Devil’s Perch. One of her first roles was as an extra in Odyssey 5. She has come a long way from there and now has collected many awards. Her latest role is as Wynonna Earp in Jolene in 2018 so she is still going strong. An actor’s salary can never be pinpointed but her net worth is $2 million.

    Zoie Palmer’s Interesting Facts

    • Palmer has a fine arts degree to her name.
    • She moved to Canada when she was 9 years old with her family.
    • Her birth sign is Scorpio and it describes as obsessive and jealous.
    • According to the Chinese zodiac, she was born in Snake year.